Head Unit Integration

Do you plan on keeping your vehicle for a few more years?

Whether your vehicle is newer or older, it may not have the features you want. As Apple CarPlay and Android Auto become more popular, we are seeing people change their head units. The good new is, we have solutions for almost every car on the road.

What's involved with changing my head unit?

The first and most important thing, is deciding on your head unit, companies like Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer make some of the best units available today. Most with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Some of the other great features you can find in most units are:

- DAB+ (Digital Radio)
- Bluetooth (streaming/phone calls)
- USB input/s
- AUX input
- HDMI input

For further information on head units please contact the team.

Next up is the fascia panel, this will help mount the unit in place keeping the same texture and finish that the factory radio had. It leaves a seamless finish for perfect integration. The team at AES only uses premium quality fascia panels from companies like Metra and Connects2.

For further integration, we supply and fit modules for Steering Wheel Control retention, CANbus out put retention, Key Sense, Reverse Camera Retention and USB Retention. With select units we can also change the splash screen (pictured above). Not every company will take this amount of time and care with their customers vehicles but as we've said many times before, we focus on integration!