The difference

The difference at AES

The difference is in the detail.

Without revealing all our secrets, we want you to get an idea of how we do things differently. When your vehicle is handed over to us, it is thoroughly checked over and scanned for any pre-existing faults or damages that you need to be made aware of, following that the team will "map out" the installation and confirm with you what we are doing and where you want things placed just to make sure everyone is on the same page.


We do things properly here at AES, we solder every connection, we tape up every loom with the exact same tape that is used by the manufacturer's, we remove the panels and place them down safely and we make sure the wiring is attached to the genuine looms of the vehicle. Seems like common sense right? You'd be surprised. These techniques ensure that your product/s are set in place to the same standard as vehicle's manufacturer's, no rattling wires, no loose connections and no wiring visible to the eye. With this attention to detail we aim to redefine expectations.

2 behind the scenes installations:


Rear parking sensor installation, we have removed the rear bumper to properly attach our sensor wiring to the vehicle, as you can see it has been taped and attached just as the factory loom would be.


After this customer was told that his BMW M Sport cannot have a BlackVue dash camera due to the battery power turning off we decided to accept the challenge. It was a success and the customer was over the moon. We've since provided the same solution to his brothers Jeep Cherokee SRT. Try to have a look at what we've added to the factory system. Hint: we have wiring running all through it.